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Explain with neat sketch working principle of turbo jet engine.

Working principle of Turbojet: shows the schematic of turbojet engine. It has a diffuser section at inlet for realizing some compression of air passing through this section. Due to this air reaching compressor section has pressure more than ambient pressure. This action of partly compressing air by passing it through diffuser section is called “ramming action” or “ram effect”. Subsequently compressor section compresses air which is fed to combustion chamber and fuel is added to it for causing combustion.

Define : i) Isothermal efficiency.

i) Isothermal efficiency – It is defined as the ratio of isothermal power to the indicated or actual power. Isothermal efficiency = Isothermal power / Indicated power.


ii) Volumetric efficiency – It is the ratio of actual volume of the free air delivered at standard atmospheric condition at discharge in one delivery stroke to the swept volume by the piston during the stroke.

Explain with neat sketch working principle of Ice plant.

Working of Ice plant: The main cycle used for ice plant is vapor compression cycle with ammonia as the refrigerant in primary circuit and brine solution in secondary circuit. Brine solution takes heat from water in secondary circuit and delivers the heat to ammonia in primary circuit. Thus, the indirect method of cooling is used in ice plant. In secondary circuit brine is cooled in evaporator and then it is circulated around the can which contains water. The heat is extracted from the water in the can and is given to the brine.

List the methods to improve thermal efficiency of gas turbine and explain any one of them in detail

Methods to improve thermal efficiency of gas turbine

1) Regeneration – This is done by preheating the compressed air before entering to the combustion chamber with the turbine exhaust in a heat exchanger, thus saving fuel consumption.


2) Reheating : The whole expansion in the turbine is achieved in two or more stages & reheating is done after each stage. That increase in work done.

Write any four applications of compressed air.

Following are the applications of compressed air:-

1) To drive air motors in coal mines.

2) To inject fuel in air injection diesel engines.

3) To operate pneumatic drills, hammers, hoists, sand blasters.

4) For cleaning purposes.

5) To cool large buildings.

6) In the processing of food and farm maintenance.

7) For spray painting in paint industry.

8) In automobile & railway braking systems.

9) To operate air tools like air guns.

10) To hold & index cutting tools on machines like milling.


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