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State four examples of ergonomic considerations in the design of a lathe machine.

Ergonomics consideration in the design of Lathe machine Any 4 1) The controls on lathe should be easily accessible and properly positioned. 2) the control operation should involve minimum motions. 3) Height of lathe should be match with worker for operation 4)Lathe machine should make less noise during operation. 5) force& power capacity required in turning the wheel as per operation or human being can apply normally. 6) should get required accuracy in operation.

Explain why bolts of uniform strength are preferred. Draw sketches of two different types of bolts of uniform strength

bolts of uniform strength: if a shank reduced to a core shown in fig. the stress become same through out the length of the bolt. Hence impact energy is distributed uniformly throughout the bolt length, thus relieving the threaded portion of high stress. The bolt in this way becomes stronger and lighter. This type of bolt is known as bolt of uniform strength.Another method of obtaining the bolt of uniform strength is shown in this method, instead of reducing the shank axial hole is drilled through the head down to


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