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Define following terms w.r.t. bolts: 1) Major diameter 2) Minor diameter 3) Pitch 4) Lead

Definition w.r.t. bolts 1) Major dia.- dia. Of imaginary cylinder parallel with the crest of the thread ,it is the distance from crest to crest largest dia. of an external or internal thread 2) Minor dia.-dia. Of imaginary cylinder which just touches the roots of an external thread or smallest dia.of an external or internal screw thread 3) Pitch-distance from a point on one thread to the corresponding point on the next thread. 4) lead- distance between two corresponding points on the same helix

Explain effect of keyways on strength of shaft. Name one type of key which does not affect strength of shaft

Effect of keyways – when the keyways are cut on the shafts, material is removed at the skin, there by weakening the cross section of the shaft. Stress concentration effect is also serious at the corner of the keyways. Thus the shaft become weak. Type of key- Hollow saddle key or Tangent key

A shaft 30 mm. diameter is transmitting power.....................

Comparison of welded joints with screwed joint. 1) Welded Joint is rigid & permanent. Screwed joint is temporary. 2) Cost of welded assembly is lower than that of screwed joints. 3) Strength of welded structure is more than screwed joints. 4) For welding joints, highly skilled worker are required 5) Welded joints are tight & leak proof as compared to Screwed joints. 6) Welded joint is very difficult to inspect compared to other joints.



Design a foot brake lever from the following data: Length of lever from C.G. of the spindle to the point of application of the load = 1 meter. Max. load on the foot plate = 800 N Overhang from the nearest bearing = 100 mm Permissible tensile and shear str

Methods of reducing stress concentration in cylindrical members with holes . Stress concentration can be reduced in cylindrical members with holes by providing additional holes in vicinity of holes as shown in fig. (ii). Fig (i) Showing cylindrical member with hole at center having stress line in disturb manner at vicinity of hole and component will fail at hole so for fig (i) ,stress concentration is more . fig. (ii) members shoulder having additional hole in vicinity of hole and therefore stress line maintain spacing between them so here stress concentration is less.

Explain the following types of stresses a) Transverse shear stress b) Compressive stress c) Torsional shear stress


Explanation of stresses :

a) Transverse shear stress: When a section is subjected to two equal & opposite forces acting tangentially across the section such that it tends to shear off across the section. The stress is produced is called as transverse stress For Single shearing, Shear stress Ʈ = W/A For Double shearing, Shear stress Ʈ = W/2A


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