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What are the factors to be considered for selection of materials for design of machine elements?

Factors to be considered for selection of material for design of machine elements a) Availability: Material should be available easily in the market. b) Cost: the material should be available at cheaper rate. c) Manufacturing Consideration: the manufacturing play a vital role in selection of material and the material should suitable for required manufacturing process. d) Physical properties: like colour, density etc. f) Mechanical properties: such as strength, ductility, Malleability etc. g) Corrosion resistance: it should be corrosion resistant.

A hollow shaft for a rotary compressor is to be designed to transmit maximum torque of 4750 N-m. The shear stress in the shaft is limited to 50 MPa. Determine the inside outside diameter of the shaft if the ratio of inside to outside diameter of the shaft

Design of Hollow shaft: Given Data: T =4750 N-m = 4750 X 103 N-mm , Ʈ = 50 N/mm2 , K=Di/Do =0.4 The hollow shaft is designed on the basis of strength from the derived torsion equation. 4750 X 103 N-mm ---- Thus Do= 79.18 mm 80 mm ( Say ) Di = 0.4 x Do = 0.4 x 80 = 32 mm

What is a cotter joint? State any four applications of a cotter joint

Cotter Joint: A cotter joint is temporary joint and used to connect two coaxial rods or bars which are subjected to axial tensile and or compressive forces. It consist of 1) spigot 2) socket 3) cotter Application:

1) Lewis foundation bolt 2) connection of the piston rod to cross head of a reciprocating steam engine. 3) valve rod & its stem 4) piston rod to the trail end in an air pump. 5) Cycle pedal sprocket wheel.

Application of spring:

1) To cushion, absorb or control energy to external load : Car springs, Railway buffers 2) To store Energy : Watches Toys 3) To Measure forces : Spring Balances, Gauges ,Engines 4) To provide clamping force in Jigs & fixtures. 5) To apply forces as in brakes, clutches & spring loaded valve.


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