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Enlist different uses of compressed air.

Following are the applications of compressed air

1) To drive air motors in coal mines.

2) To inject fuel in air injection diesel engines.

3) To operate pneumatic drills, hammers, hoists, sand blasters.

4) For cleaning purposes.

5) To cool large buildings.

6) In the processing of food and farm maintenance.

7) For spray painting in paint industry.

8) In automobile & railway braking systems.

9) To operate air tools like air guns.

10) To hold & index cutting tools on machines like milling

State the methods to improve efficiency of air compressor.......

Following are the methods to improve efficiency of air compressor 1. Cooling cylinder by spraying water during compression stroke. 2. Circulation of water surrounding to cylinder by providing jackets 3. Installing inter cooler between two cylinders 4. Providing greater fins on cylinder 5. By selecting suitable material for cylinder 6. By providing suitable choice of cylinder proportions i.e. short stroke and large bore in construction with sleeve valve Two stage reciprocating air compressor :

Classify air compressors

Classification of Air compressors:

1. According to principle: a) Reciprocating air compressors b) Rotary air compressors 2. According to the capacity a. Low capacity air compressors b. Medium capacity air compressors c. High capacity air compressors 3. According to pressure limits a. Low pressure air compressors b. Medium pressure air compressors c. High pressure air compressors 4. According to method of connection a. Direct drive air compressors b. Belt drive air compressors c. Chain drive air compressors


Explain with neat sketch working of lobe type air compressor

Lobe type air compressor: it is a rotary type of compressor consisting of two rotors which are driven externally. One rotor is connected to drive and second is connected to gear. These two rotors have two or three lobes having epicycloids, hypocycloid or involutes profiles. In the figure two lobes compressor is shown with a inlet arrangement and receiver. A very small clearance is maintained between surfaces so that wear is prevented. Air leakage through this clearance decreases efficiency of this compressor.


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