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Explain the working of window air conditioner with neat sketch.

The low pressure and low temperature refrigerant vapour from evaporator is sucked by compressor. The compressor compresses the vapour to high pressure and high temperature and discharges to the condenser. On the condenser the refrigerant vapour condenses by dissipating heat to the cooling medium (air) the liquid refrigerant coming out of condenser passes through filter, dryer into capillary tube where it is again throated back to the evaporated pressure.

Explain the working principle of jet propulsion with a neat sketch.

Working principle of jet propulsion - Jet propulsion is based on Newton’s second law and third law’s of motion. - Means producing forward axial thrust by means of reaction of jet of gases which are discharged rearward with a high velocity (aircraft, missile & submarine) - As applied to vehicle operating in fluid, a momentum is imparted to a mass of fluid in a such a manner that the reaction of imparted momentum furnishes a propulsive force. The magnitude of this propulsive force is termed as thrust.

What is MPFI ? Explain any one MPFI system with neat sketch

The MPFI means multi point injection system. In this system each cylinder has number of injector to supply/ spray fuel in cylinder as compared to one injector located centrally to supply and spray fuel in case of single point injection system



Explain intercooling and reheating in gas............

LPC – LOW pressure cylinder HPC – high pressure cylinder CC – combustion chamber T – Turbine ( 2+ 2 marks) The net work of gas turbine cycle may be increased by saving some compression work. This is done by using several stages of compression with inter cooling of air between stages. The air from first stage of compression is cooled in inter cooler approximately to its initial temperature before entering to second stage of compressor.

What is jet propulsion ? Give the classification of jet propulsion system.

Jet Propulsion: This is done by expanding the gas which is at high temperature & pressure through the nozzle so that the gas with very high velocity leaves the nozzle giving thrust in opposite direction. - Principle is based on Newton’s Second & third law of motion. Jet propulsion – Classification (1) Atmospheric jet engines (breathing engine) -Turbojet engine - Turbo prop engines - Ram jet (2) Rocket engine (Non - breathing engine)


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