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Explain construction and working of ice plant with neat sketch.

The main cycle used for ice plant is vapor compression cycle with ammonia as the refrigerant in primary circuit and brine solution in secondary circuit. Brine solution takes heat from water in secondary circuit and delivers the heat to ammonia in primary circuit. Thus, the indirect method of cooling is used in ice plant. In secondary circuit brine is cooled in evaporator and then it is circulated around the can which contains water. The heat is extracted from the water in the can and is given to the brine.

Explain working of 4 stroke S.I. engine with neat sketch.

1. Suction stroke: Suction stroke starts when piston is at top dead center and about to move downwards. During suction stroke inlet valve is open and exhaust valve is closed. Due to low pressure created by the motion of the piston towards bottom dead center, the charge consisting of fresh air mixed with the fuel is drawn into cylinder. At the end of suction stroke the inlet valve closes.


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