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Explain the selection procedure of bearings from manufacturer’s catalogue.

1) Calculate radial and axial forces and determine dia. of shaft. 2) Select proper type of bearing. 3) Start with extra light series for given diagram go by trial of error method. 4) Find value of basic static capacity (co) of selected bearing from catalogue. 5) Calculate ratios Fa/VFr and Fa/Co. 6) Calculate values of radial and thrust factors.(X & Y) from catalogue. 7) For given application find value of load factor Ka from catalogue. 8) Calculate equivalent dynamic load using relation. Pe = (XVFr + YFA) Ka. 9) Decide expected life of bearing considering application.

Explain the following types of stresses................

When a section is subjected to two equal and opposite forces acting tangentially across the section such that it tends to shear off across the section. The stress produces is called as transverse shear stress. …………………… From figure Mathematically transverse shear stress is represented as, τ = / Where, F = Tangential force applied A = Area of cross section = ( /4 ) 2 d = Diameter of rivet.

State the different modes of failure of gear teeth and their possible remedies to avoid the failure.

1. Bending failure. 2. Pitting. 3. Scoring. 4. Abrasive wear. 5. Corrosive wear Remedies to avoid failure: 1. Bending failure. In order to avoid such failure, the module and face width of the gear is adjusted so that the beam strength is greater than the dynamic load. 2. Pitting. In order to avoid the pitting, the dynamic load between the gear tooth should be less than the wear strength of the gear tooth. 3. Scoring.


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