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Explain sleep and creep phenomenon in belts.

Slip of Belt:- Ans:- When driver pulley rotates firm grip between its surface and the belt. This firm grip between pulley and belt is because of friction and known as frictional grip. If this frictional grip becomes insufficient to transmit the motion of pulley to belt. Then there will be. 1) Forward motion of driver pulley without carrying belt called as slip on driving side.

Law of gearing

Law of Gearing

Law of gearing states that the common normal at the point of contact between a pair of teeth must always pass through the pitch point for all positions of mating gear. This law forms the basis for the gear profile design. This is a must condition for the two gears to perform properly.

Law of gearing Proof

Consider the portions of two gear teeth in mesh.o1 and o2 are centre points,

Let K= point of contact

TT = COmmon tangent at the point of contact K


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