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State one application each of (i) Deep groove ball bearing (ii) Taper roller bearing (iii) Thrust roller bearing (iv) Needle roller bearing

Application of bearings : …… i) Deep Groove Ball bearing : Electric Motor ii) Taper roller bearing : axle housing of automobile iii) Thrust collar bearing: Clutch of automobile iv) Needle roller bearing: Differential of automobile

A steam engine cylinder has effective diameter of 250 mm. It is subjected to maximum steam pressure of 1.5 MPa. The cylinder cover is fixed to the cylinder with the help of 12 bolts. The pitch circle diameter of bolts is 400 mm. Permissible tensile stress


Design a helical compression spring with ground ends. The spring index is 12. Maximum load on the spring is 100N and deflection under maximum load is 15 mm. Allowable shear stress of the material is 100 MPa and modulus of rigidity is 4 MPa. Find wire and

A power screw on a machine has single start square thread with a non rotating bronze nut. Axial force on the screw is 15 kN. Allowable stresses for screw material in compression and shear are 85 MPa and 37 MPa respectively. Allowable bearing pressure for



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