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Write the procedure for balancing of a single rotating mass by single masses rotating in the same plane.

Procedure :Balancing of a Single Rotating Mass By a Single Mass Rotating in the Same Plane Consider a disturbing mass m1 attached to a shaft rotating at ω rad/s as shown in Fig. Let r1 be the radius of rotation of the mass m1 (i.e. distance between the axis of rotation of the shaft and the centre of gravity of the mass m1). We know that the centrifugal force exerted by the mass m1 on the shaft, FCl= m1.ω2 . r1 . . . (i) This centrifugal force acts radially outwards and thus produces bending moment on the shaft.

Explain slip and creep phenomenon in belts.

Define slip and creep in the belt drive Slip --- Slip is defined as insufficient frictional grip between pulley (driver/driven) and belt. Slip is the difference between the linear velocities of pulley (driver/driven) and belt. Creep ----- Uneven extensions and contractions of the belt when it passes from tight side to slack side. There is relative motion between belt and pulley surface, this phenomenon is called creep of belt.

Explain with the neat sketch working of crank and slotted lever quick return mechanism.

Crank and slotted lever quick return motion mechanism: This mechanism is mostly used in shaping machines, slotting machines and in rotary internal combustion engines. In this mechanism, the link AC (i.e. link 3) forming the turning pair is fixed, as shown in fig. The link 3 corresponds to the connecting rod of a reciprocating steam engine. The driving crank CB revolves with uniform angular speed about the fixed centre C. A sliding block attached to the crank pin at B slides along the slotted bar AP and thus causes AP to oscillate about the pivoted point A.


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