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Explain with neat block diagram the working of ‘Vapour Absorbtion Cycle’.......


Explain with neat block diagram the working of ‘Vapour Absorbtion Cycle’.


Working of Simple Vapor absorption system: A Simple Vapor absorption system consists of evaporator, absorber, generator, condenser, expansion valve, pump & reducing valve. In this system ammonia is used as refrigerant and solution is used is aqua ammonia. Strong solution of aqua ammonia contains as much as ammonia as it can and weak solution contains less ammonia. The compressor of vapor compressor system is replaced by an absorber, generator, reducing valve and pump. The heat flow in the system at generator, and work is supplied to pump. Ammonia vapors coming out of evaporator are drawn in absorber. The weak solution containing very little ammonia is spread in absorber. The weak solution absorbs ammonia and gets converted into strong solution. This strong solution from absorber is pumped into generator. The addition of heat liberates ammonia vapor and solution gets converted into weak solution. The released vapor is passed to condenser and weak solution to absorber through a reducing valve. Thus, the function of a compressor is done by absorber, a generator, pump and reducing valve. The simple vapor compressor system is used where there is scarcity of Electricity and it is very useful at partial and full load. -------