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List any four applications of refrigeration.

i. To produce Ice in ICE Plant ii. To Store Vegetable or Domestic materials in Domestic Refrigerator. iii. To Transport Fish, Fruits etc. in Cold Storage. iv. To Cool Water in Water cooler. v. Processing of food products. vi. Processing of textiles, printing work, photographic materials etc. vii. Storage of ice, blood and medicines etc. viii. Preservation of photographic films , archeological documents etc

Define following terms 1) specific humidity

Specific humidity:- It is defined as the ratio of mass of vapour to the mass of dry air in a given sample of moist air.  Specific humidity ma mv  Absolute humidity:- It is defined as the actual mass of water vapour in unit volume of air. Its unit is gm/m3  Relative humidity:- It is defined as the ratio of partial pressure of water vapour in a given volume of mixture to the partial pressure of water vapour when same volume of mixture is saturated at the same temperature.

Define: 1) DPT

DPT – Dew point temperature tDP - It is the temperature at which air water vapour mixture starts to condense. 01 D.P.T. of mixture is defined as the temperature at which water vapours starts to condense. WBT - Wet bulb temperature - tWB 01 - It is the temperature recorded by thermometer when its bulb is covered with wet cloth known as wick and is exposed to air. DBT – Dry bulb temperature - tDB 01 - It is the temperature of air recorded by a ordinary thermometer and it is not affected by the moisture present in air. Moist Air – It is the mixture of dry air and water vapour


The criterion of the thermodynamic efficiency ............

The compression process in reciprocating compressor may approach to low speed of compression and cylinder cooling. Therefore isothermal efficiency is used in reciprocating compressor. But in rotary compressor there is high friction and eddies formation due to high velocity air through the compressor. This causes heating of air during compression process. Therefore temperature of air leaving the impeller is higher than the isentropic compression. The compressor may be as high as 1.7 (n>t). Therefore isentropic efficiency is used in rotary compressor.


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