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Define : i) WBT ii) DPT.

i) WBT: Wet bulb Temperature twb : It is the temperature recorded by a thermometer when its bulb is covered by a wet cloth exposed to the air. ii) DPT: Dew point temperature tdp :It is the temperature of air recorded by thermometer, when the moisture (water vapour) present in its, begins to condensed. iii) DBT: Dry Bulb Temperature tdb : It is the temperature of air recorded by ordinary thermometer with a clean, dry sensing element .

What is the necessity of purification of air ? How to remove oil, moisture and dust from air.......

The air sucked by the compressor is not clean. It contains various types of solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants such as dust, dirt, moisture etc. The presence of contaminants may have high damaging effects such as corrosion, wear and tear on the finely finished mating surfaces of pneumatic components. Air lines may get chocked or damaged. Therefore, purification of air by removing oil, moisture and dust is done to protect the pneumatic system from failure, so that the system should work efficiently.

The following results were obtained during Morse test on 4 stroke petrol engine

Brake Power Engine (BP)engine = 16.2 kW Brake Power developed when 1st Cylinder cut-off ( BP )2,3,4 = 11.5 kW Brake Power developed when 2nd Cylinder cut-off ( BP )1,3,4 = 11.6 kW Brake Power developed when 3 rdCylinder cut-off ( BP )1,2,4 = 11.68 kW Brake Power developed when 4 thCylinder cut-off ( BP )1,2,3 = 11.5 kW Indicated Power of 1st cylinder IP1 = (BP)engine - ( BP )2,3,4 = 16.2 – 11.5 = 4.7 kW IP2 = (BP)engine - ( BP )1,3,4 = 16.2 – 11.6 = 4.6 kW IP3 = (BP)engine - ( BP )1,3,4 = 16.2 – 11.68 = 4.52 kW IP4 = (BP)engine - ( BP )1,2,3 = 16.2 – 11.5 = 4.7 kW Indicated Power of Engine


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