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Explain the effect of superheating and subcooling on the performance of vapour compression cycle......

Effect of superheating: As shown in the figure a & b the effect of superheating is to increase the refrigerating effect, but this increase in the refrigerating effect is at the cost of increase in amount of work spent to attain upper pressure limit. Since the increase in work is more as compared to increase in refrigerating effect, therefore overall effect of superheating is to give a low value of C.O.P.

Explain with neat sketch two way catalytic converter.

C) Catalytic Convertor: -. A catalytic converter is cylindrical unit about the size of small silencer and is installed into exhaust system of vehicle. It converts the harmful gases from the engine into harmless gases and escapes them into atmosphere. Inside converter there is honeycomb structure of ceramic or metal which is coated with alumina base material and therefore a second coating of precious metal platinum, palladium or rhodium or combination of same.


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