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Define centripetal and tangential acceleration.

Centripetal acceleration:

The centripetal acceleration is the rate of change of tangential velocity. When an object is moving with uniform acceleration in circular direction, it is said to be experiencing the centripetal acceleration.

Tangential acceleration:

Tangential acceleration is a measure of how the tangential velocity of a point at a certain radius changes with time. Tangential acceleration is just like linear acceleration, but it’s particular to the tangential direction, which is relevant to circular motion.

What are the limitations of knife edge follower ?

Limitations of knife edge follower are:

1. Excessive wear due to small area of contact between cam & follower surfaces.

2. In this follower a considerable thrust exists between the follower and guide.

Define law of gearing.

Law of Gearing: The law of gearing states that the angular velocity ratio of all gears of a meshed gear system must remain constant also the common normal at the point of contact must pass through the pitch point.


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