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Represent subcooling and superheating on P-h and T-S diagram....


Represent subcooling and superheating on P-h and T-S diagram in refrigeration also give its effect on C.O.P. of refrigeration.



Due to superheating suction temperature of compressor increases , increasing compressor power but it also increases the refrigerating effect therefore COP of system remains more or less constant. The superheating is not done to increase the refrigerating effect or COP but it is done to increase the life of compressor.

The process of cooling refrigerant below condensing temperature for a given pressure is known as sub-cooling. Due to sub-cooling the refrigerating effect increases or for same refrigerating effect the circulation rate refrigerant decreases and therefore COP of system increases. Thus sub-cooling is desirable & is done to increase refrigerating effect & COP of system.