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What is the use of direction control valve...


What is the use of direction control valve? Explain with sketch.


1. DC valves are used to release, stop or redirect the fluid that flows through it. 2. DCV is used to control the direction of fluid flow in any hydraulic system and changing the position of internal movable parts. 3. To start, stop, accelerate, decelerate and change the direction of motion of a hydraulic actuator. 4. To permit the free flow from the pump to the reservoir at low pressure when the pump’s delivery is not needed into the system. 5. To vent the relief valve by either electrical or mechanical control. 6. To isolate certain branch of a circuit. The following circuit shows use of 3/2 DC valve. When the lever is operated, port A is connected to exhaust port ,i.e change in direction of the piston. (Alternative sketch can be considered)