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Compare flywheel with Governer.


Compare flywheel with Governer.


Difference between Flywheel and Governor
1.Function- To control the speed variations 1.Function- To regulate the mean speed of
caused by fluctuations of engine turning engine within prescribed limit when there
moment during a cycle. are variations of load.
2. Flywheel acts as a reservoir; it stores 2. A governor regulates the speed by
energy due to its mass moment of inertia regulating the quantity of charge/working
and releases energy when required during a fluid of prime mover.
3.It regulates speed in one cycle only 3. It regulates speed over a period of time.
4.Flywheel has no control over supply of 4. Governor takes care of quantity of fluid
5. It is not an essential element of every 5. It is an essential element of prime mover
prime mover. It is used when there are since varying demand of power is met by it.
undesirable cyclic fluctuations.
6. Mathematically it controls δN/δt
6. Mathematically it controls δN
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