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Power Engineering Notes-diploma engineering

Power engineering-diploma Engineering

Power engineering notes-diploma engineering is prepared to meet the requirements of diploma students. The semester pattern makes it difficult to read the reference books. So students have to prepare in very short time. Notes are prepared in question and answer format. So that students get exact material for prepreation. It saves lot of time in searching various books and answer sheets.


Following are the salient features of these notes

  1.  Simple question and answer format.
  2. Answers written in most easy english language.
  3. Exact answers of the asked questions, without unnecessary description.
  4. Covers all points in syllabus. Also questions asked in recent exams.
  5. Simple and easy to remember formulas for the numerical problems.
  6. Numerical problems arranged from simpler to toughter for getting confidence in solving.
  7. po notes-diploma engineering contain easy to reproduce diagrams.
  8. Since the paper checking is done on the basis of keywords, in notes keywords are UNDERLINED.

Screenshots from the Notes

As shown in screen shot below the notes provide exact definitions with the underlined keywords.



As shown below the diagrams in the notes are easy to draw. As compared to the diagrams in different textbooks.



Formulas are grouped and explained with each term to facilitiate the remembering.


Numerical problems in exercise have been provided with answers for verification .

Snapshot for easy remembering the complex topics...



Each chapter is provided with the analysis of the each years question asked. This is important because it gives idea about the weightage and the location of the question asked.

Also it provides the location where the questions from a particular chapter are asked.


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