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Q.02.Define Kinematic link,Kin. pair, Kin. chain,Mechanism & inversion

a ] Kinematic link ( or element ) :

It is defined as a resistant body which has relative motion with some other element. e.g. crank, Piston, cylinder, frame

b] Kinematic pair :

When two links are connected in such a manner that relative motion between them take place in a definite way then it is called kinematic pair.

c] Kinematic chain :

When two or more kinematic pairs are joined together, they form kinematic chain.

d] Mechanism :

If one link of a kinematic chain is fixed it is called mechanism.

e] Inversion :

When different links of a kinematic chain are fixed we get different mechanisms, these mechanisms are called inversions of that kinematic chain. The number of inversions of a kinematic chain are equal to number of links in that chain.