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Type 1: Problem on direct and bending stress

1. A rectangular mild steel flat 150mm. wide and thick carry tensile load of 180kn at on eccentricity of 10mm in plane bisecting the thickness find max and min intensity of stress.

(Ans = )

2. A rectangular column 300mm wide and 500mm deep carries load of 100 kn at the eccentricity of 30 mm in the plane bisecting thickness calculate max and min stresses.


3. A circular section 300mm dia carries 100kN at eccentricity of 30mm find max and min stress eccentricity.

(Ans 2.54 n/mm2 = )

4. A hollow circular section having external dia 300mm and internal dia 250mm carries a load of 100Kn at an eccentricity of 125mm calculate the max and min intensities of the stress in the section.

(Ans max st=13.73 = )

5. A hollow rectangular column section 600mm by 300mm outer dimensions and 500mm by 250mm internal dimension carries a load of 15Kn at an eccentricity of 100 mm in the plane bisecting thickness calculate the maximum and minimum intensities of stress in section.

(Ans = )

6. A circular bar having 200mm diameter is subjected to a load of 300 Kn is acting an eccentricity of “e” mm from center if max. stress is limited to 12 N/. find the value of e.

(Ans = e = 6.44mm)

7. A rectangular mild steel flat 150 mm wide and 120 mm thick carries a load of 180 Kn in a plane bisecting thickness if max stress is 14 N/, Find e.

(Ans = e = 10 mm)

8) A square column has co-centric circular cavity of 37.5 mm in diameter. If the maximum load of 220KN is applied at an eccentricity of 10mm with respect to xx axis and maximum compressive stress is limited to 80 MPa. Find the size of the square column.