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Hydraulic/Pneumatic circuits Faults and remedies

Q.1.Enlist the common Faults and causes in the Hydraulic system

Ans : Following are the common faults in Hydraulic systems

1. Reduced speed of travel of machine tool elements

2. Slow response to controls

3. Excessive loss of system pressure

4. Excessive leakage in the systematic

5. Rise in the oil temperature

6. Non-uniform or jerky movement of actuators

7. Increased noise in the systematic

8. No supply or less supply from pump

9. Cavitation due seal failure

10. High rate of seal failure

11. Poor oil life

12. High degree of contamination level of system medium.

Following are the common causes of hydraulic system breakdown

1.Inadequate supply of oil in the reservoir

2. Clogged or dirty oil filters

3. Leaked seals

4.Loose inlet lines that cause the pump to take in air

5.Incorrect type of oil

6. Excessive oil temperature

7. Excessive oil pressure