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Maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic system

Maintenance of Hydraulic system

Most of the hydraulic systems are designed to have very minimum or no maintenance required during its use. But with the passage of time the seals worn out due to friction, pumps lose their efficiency, hose pipes lose their flexibility and
oil goes on becoming unusable due to decomposition. So the hydraulic system needs to be repaired to restore it to the original state.Maintenance is carried out at different levels such as routine checkups,  weekly/monthly or Annual

A. Operator tasks { Daily operation }

* Visual inspection of all components for leakage or damage

* Visual examination of fluid level in reservoir and fluid condition

*Visual check of operating pressure, filter conditions.

* Check for unusual sound and proper operation.

B. Periodic Maintenance (Weekly or monthly)

*Check fixing of all units

*Check pump noise level and pressure levels

*Check actuators for damage wear of seals etc.

*Check hose connections for leakages.

C. Annual Maintenance

* Empty fluid reservoir and check fluid condition.

* Clean reservoir internally and externally and examine for rust

* Examine electric motor

* Examine all hoses, pipe works and fittings for damage,wear and leakages.

* Check or replace filtering elements if required.
*Clean filter bowl
* Check all seals of pumps and cylinders and replace if required.

Maintenance of Pneumatic system

As compared to the hydraulic system pneumatic system is relatively less problematic and hence offer a more trouble free life. However the best system may also fail and hence it is necessary to carry out the preventive maintenance in addition to corrective maintenance. Similar to Maintenance of hydraulic system this is also carried out at different levels and frequencies.

A. Operator tasks { Daily operation }

* Check condensate traps in air main lines.
* Detection and arrest of leakage of air in FRL unit.
* Drain out condensate from the filter.


B. Periodic Maintenance (Weekly or monthly)

* Check for air leakages in main line and other lines.

* Check pressure and pressure regulator setting.

* Check actuating handle of valves, solenoid valve and its connection.

* Check rpm, torque and vibration produced by the motor.

C. Annual Maintenance

* Change oil in lubricator after through cleaning the bowl of lubricator.

* Check springs and various actuator mechanism for intactness.

* Examine valves for any external damage or leakage of air.

* Replace air filters if required and test pressure regulator settings.

* Throughly check whole piping forleakage and mechanical damage.