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Remedies and fault detection in pneumatic circuits

Q.1. Enlist the common faults in Pneumatic system.

Ans : Following are the common fault in a
pneumatic system

1. Unusual noise

2. Inadequate performance

3. Chatter and vibration

4. No piston movement or slow pistonmovement.

5. Erratic cylinder motion

6. Pressure drop in line

7. Buzz sound in solenoid valve

8. Air motor wont run or run with lowspeed

9. System getting excessively heated

10. Excessive pressure drop in the system.

Q.2. Enlist the common faults in Hydraulic system.

Ans : Following are the common fault in a
Hydraulic system

1. Reduced speed of travel of piston

2. Increased noise and vibration in the system

3. Steep rise in oil temperature on starting the system

4. Non uniform or jerky motion of actuators

5. Oil leakage in the system

6. Loss of oil pressure

7. Frequent seal failure

8. Cavitation in pump leading to less or no supply from the pump

Q.3. List any four causes of Hydraulic system breakdown.

Ans : Following are the common cause of hydraulic system breakdown

1. Inadequate supply of oil in the reservoir

2. Clogged or dirty oil filters

3. Leaking seals

4. Loose inlet lines that cause the pump to take in air.

5. Sticky valves which do not move easily.

Q.4. List any four causes for pump making more noise.

Ans :  Following are the possible causes for a pump making noise

1. Misalignment of pump and prime mover

2. Strainer not functioning properly or is clogged fully

3.Air is being entered in system

4. Pump being overloaded than its capacity.