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Q.14.Explain with Sketch Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism.

links -

Connecting rod (link 3) - Fixed

Crank (Link 2)

Piston and rod ( link 1)

Cylinder (link 4)

Pairs -

Turning – Crank and Connecting rod

Turning – Crank & piston rod

Sliding – Piston rod & Cylinder.

Turning – Cylinder and connecting rod


Construction –

This mechanism is an inversion of Single slider crank chain , which is obtained by fixing connecting rod. It has three turning pairs & one Sliding pair. As shown in figure. both rod & piston form one link . There is no relative motion between rod & Piston . The cylinder is pivoted to frame, due to which whole cylinder is free to oscillate about the frame.

Working –

When crank starts rotating, it causes the piston to reciprocate inside the cylinder. A piston while reciprocating causes the cylinder oscillate about pt.'O' ,because there is no relative motion between connecting rod and piston.

Application –

The mechanism is used where rotary transmitted into oscillating motion. It is used in printing press m/c.