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Q.15.State and explain Bull engine mechanism {Pendulum Pump}

Links -



Piston & Piston Rod

Connecting Rod.


Turning – Piston & Piston Rod & Connecting Rod

Turning – Connected Rod & Crank

Sliding – Piston - Piston Rod & Cylinder.

Turning – Crank & Cylinder.


Construction –

This mechanism is an inversion of Single slider crank chain it is obtained by fixing the slider of the basic chain .It has three turning pairs & one Sliding pair. As shown in figure the first link is piston and piston rod, second is connecting rod which is extended beyond its connection to crank. the third link is crank and fourth link is cylinder which is placed vertically and is fixed.

Working –

When the upward motion is given to connected Rod it causes downward motion of piston & vice versa.


Application –

The mechanism is used in duplex pump in boilers, and also in manual hand pumps fitted on bore well.