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Q.20. Explain with sketch Scotch Yoke Mechanism?

Links: 1.Frame (fixed )



4. Yoke


Pairs -

1.Frame & Crank – turning

2.Crank & Slider – turning

3.Yoke & Slider – Sliding

4.Frame & Yoke - Sliding

Construction –

This mechanism is inversion of Single slider Crank Chain .It has two turning pair & two Sliding pair.

As shown in fig. The crank is fitted to frame at pt 'O' .A slider is attack to other end of crank at pt 'B'. The slider fits inside Yoke. A Yoke is free to slide inside frame.

Working –

As the crank starts rotating about pt.'O' it causes the slider to slide inside Yoke. As the crank changes it's position it pulls or pushes the Yoke . Thus Rotary motion of crank is converted into Reciprocating motion of Yoke.

Application –

This mechanism is used to convert Rotary motion into reciprocating motion.