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Q.21. Explain with sketch Oldham’s Coupling

Links: Frame (fixed) :1

Shaft & Flange on left hand :2

Shaft & Flange on right hand :4

Intermediate piece : 3


Pairs: Frame & Shaft LH – turning pair

Frame & Shaft RH – turning pair

Flange LH & Intermediate piece – Sliding pair

Flange RH & Intermediate piece - Sliding pair


Construction : This mechanism is inversion of Double slider Crank Chain .It has two turning & two Sliding pair.

Two flanges with respective shafts are free to rotates with respect to frame both flanges have rectangular slots . An intermediate piece has two rectangular projections on both sides, both projections are perpendicular to each other , each projection fits inside the slot of flange.


Working: When one shaft is given rotary motion,it is transmitted to another shaft the intermediate piece. The intermediate piece slides & adjusts itself, to keep both shafts runnings. The centre of the intermediate piece traces the path of a circle with radius equal to offset between shafts.


Application : This coupling is used to connect two shaft having some eccentricity (offset).