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Q.22. Explain with sketch Elliptical Trammel Mechanism?



1. Frame


3.Slider 1

4.Slider 2


Pairs: 1.Slider 1 & Frame – Sliding

2. Slider 2 & Frame – Sliding

3.Slider 1 & link PB – turning

4.Slider 2 & link PB - turning


Construction : This mechanism is an inversion of Double slider crank Chain .It has two sliding & two turning pairs. As shown in figure it has rectangular frame with vertical and horizontal slots. Two sliders are free to slide inside both slots. A link PB connects two sliders.


Working: When one of the slider is given reciprocating motion it is transmitted to another slider through the link PB . It is observed that while the two sliders slide into respective slots the pt.'P' traces the path of an ellipse. The major axis and minor axis of the ellipse can be changed by changing the point which traces the path of an ellipse.


Application : This mechanism is used for drawing ellipse of required size..