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Simple Hydraulic circuits

Q.1. What is a Hydraulic circuit ?

Ans : A hydraulic circuit is systematic arrangement (with interconnection) of various hydraulic components to perform a specific task.  Obviously every hydraulic application will have a different circuit, but basically there are certain circuits, which are meant to perform certain tasks in the complete circuitry

e.g. sequencing circuit, speed (flow) control circuits etc


Q.2. Explain with sketch Basic structure of Hydraulic circuit .

: A hydraulic circuit comprises of main three groups of elements.

1) Drive assembly :This accomplishes the transformation of energy.   A drive assembly consists of a pump, actuating motor (or prime mover) and tank.  It
also includes a safety valve, filter, cooler etc.

2) Control system : They modulate and control the fluid power.  Essential components are the various valves and connections between them.

3) Loads and consumers These are usually hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors, which transform hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.



Q.3. Draw the circuit of control of single acting and double acting(DA) hydraulic cylinder with manually operated valve.