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Type 2. SFD & BMD of Simply supported beam (without overhanging)

1.Draw SFD and BMD for diagram

2.A simply supported beam of span 6 m carries two point loads of 30 kN each at 2 m and 4 m from left support. The beam also carries a U.D.L. of 20 kN/m between two point loads. Draw S.F.D. and B.M.D.


3. Draw S.F.D. and B.M.D. for a beam whose left support is hinge and right

support is roller. The beam has following details :

(i) Span = 8 m

(ii) U.D.L. of 20 kN/m at 4 m from left support.

(iii) A point load of 120 kN at a distance of 6 m from LHS.


4. A simply supported beam is having span of 6 m. It carries two point loads of 50 KN and 20KN at 1m and 4m from left hand support respectively. Draw bending moment diagram and hence draw the qualitative deflected shape of the beam .

5. Draw Shear force and bending moment diagram

7. A simply supported beam ABC has 5m span,is supported between A and C. It carries uld of 20 kN/m over its entire span. It also carries a point load of 45 kN at a distance of 2m from left hand support. Draw SFD and BMD


8. A simply supported beam ABCD is of 5m span, such that AB=2m, BC=1 m and CD=2m. It is loaded with 5 kN/m over AB and 2 kN/m ovr CD. Draw shear force and bending moment diagrams for the beam..