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Q.16. Explain with sketch Gnome Engine or Rotary Engine

Links -

1.Crank (fixed )


3.Connecting Rod

4.Cylinder & Frame



Crank & Connecting Rod – turning

Connected Rod & Frame – turning

Crank & Frame – turning

Piston & cylinder - Sliding


Construction –

This mechanism is an inversion of Single slider crank chain, obtained by fixing the crank .It has three turning pairs & one Sliding pair.As shown in diagram it has 5 or 7 cylinders and connecting rods of all pistons are connected to one point which is another end of crank. In this mechanism crank itself is fixed.

Working –

As pistons start reciprocating inside cylinders, whole frame starts rotating about fixed pt 'O' the crank remains at its place. The rotation of frame causes suction, comp,expansion & exhaust strokes in different cylinders at same time.

Application –

It was used in airplane engines in past, now a days it is not used.