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Explain: (i) Uniform pressure theory. (ii) Uniform wear theory in clutches and bearing.

(i) Uniform pressure theory:
 When the mating component in clutch, bearing are new, then the contact between
surfaces may be good over the whole surface.
It means that the pressure over the rubbing surfaces is uniform distributed.
 This condition is not valid for old clutches, bearings because mating surfaces may
have uneven friction.
The condition assumes that intensity of pressure is same.
P = W/A =Constant; where, W= load, A= area
(ii) Uniform wear theory in clutches and bearings:

Why is balancing of rotating parts necessary for high speed engines?

The high speed of engines and other machines is a common phenomenon now-a-days. It
is, therefore, very essential that all the rotating and reciprocating parts should be completely
balanced as far as possible. If these parts are not properly balanced, the dynamic forces are set
up. These forces not only increase the loads on bearings and stresses in the various members, but
also produce unpleasant and even dangerous vibrations. The balancing of unbalanced forces is

Write any two disadvantages of chain drive.

Disadvantages of chain drives:
1. Manufacturing cost of chains is relatively high.
2. The chain drive needs accurate mounting and careful maintenance.
3. High velocity fluctuations especially when unduly stretched.
4. Chain operations are noisy as compared to belts.


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