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State any four disadvantages of rolling bearings as compared to journal bearings

Disadvantages of rolling bearing as compared to Journal Bearing: 1) Initial cost is very high 2) Noisy in normal operation. 3) Shock capacity is less. 4) Finite life due to failure by fatigue. 5) Dirt & metal chips can enter the bearing & may lead it to failure. 6) Occupies greater diametral space compared to journal bearing.

Determine the size of bolt in the cylinder head of a steam engine. The engine cylinder has a bore of 400 mm and the maximum steam pressure to which the cylinder is subjected is 1.5 N/mm2 . Cylinder head is held on the cylinder by 16 number of bolts. The p

Bolt size will be M 30 or M32

State any four advantages of ball bearings over plain journal bearings.

1) The ball bearings have a far smaller contact area and thus have a lower frictional drag coefficient. 2) Due to less frictional drag means better response and less power consumption. 3) The turbo can spool up much faster, which reduces turbo-lag and offers a major performance advantage over journal bearing turbochargers at lower to mid turbocharger speeds. 4) The reduced contact area of the ball bearings means that it requires far less lubrication, allowing for lower oil pressure feeds. 5) The ball bearing more reliable. 6) Less expensive.

A railway wagon having 1500 kg mass and moving at 1 m/s velocity dashes against a bumper consisting of two helical springs of spring index 6. The springs, which get compressed by 150 mm while resisting a dash made of spring steel having allowable shear st



A screw jack is used to lift a load of 50 kN through a maximum lift of 200 mm. The material used for a screw is steel of allowable stresses in tension and compression as 100 N/mm2 and 50 N/mm2 respectively. The pitch of screw is 8 mm. The nut is made of p



Describe the importance of aesthetic considerations in design related to shape, colour and surface finish.

1) The shape should not be like blocks but various forms like sculpture, streamlined, aerodynamic, taper should be used. 2) The component should be symmetrical at lean about one axis. 3)proper shape of a product help to make the product more attractive. 4) The shape of the product should be regular, even & proportionate Regarding Colour: ……….Any 2 pt : 1 M Each 1) The colour and shape of component should be such that in should attract appeal and impress customer. 2) The colour should match with conventions, moods e.g.


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