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2) Define : a) Ductility b) Toughness c) Creep

a) Ductility: the property of material which enables it to be drawn into thin wire under the action of tensile load is called as ductility. b) Toughness: The property which resists the fracture under the action of impact loading is called as toughness. Toughness is energy for failure by fracture. c) Creep: when a component is subjected to constant stress at a high temperature over a long period of time ,it will undergo a slow& permanent deformation called creep Or it is defined as “slow and progressive deformation of material with time under constant stress at elevated temperature.

Application of spring:

1) To cushion, absorb or control energy to external load : Car springs, Railway buffers 2) To store Energy : Watches Toys 3) To Measure forces : Spring Balances, Gauges ,Engines 4) To provide clamping force in Jigs & fixtures. 5) To apply forces as in brakes, clutches & spring loaded valve.


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